Top 10 Best Brawl Star Characters in 2022

Are you tired of trying so many characters and not finding your niche?

Brawl Stars is a multiplayer battle zone game where you can play alone or battle with your friends. Brawl Stars has many game modes. To play them, you will need to select Best Brawl Star characters. You can earn them by playing or purchasing Brawl Boxes through the store.

In this article, we have provided you with a detailed list of brawl stars‘ best brawlers.

What Are The Brawl Stars?

Brawl Stars allows you to play as the brawler (Character) and compete against AI and other brawlers in various events hosted by Brawl Stars. Each event’s unique objective motivates players to participate by maximizing their player profile growth. You can collect brawlers to increase your ranking.

As the character level increases, you must spend time on each brawler’s development. Each brawler’s strength determines the opponent’s match, offering everyone a chance to win. You can either play with others or form a team with friends to fight for the trophies.

Furthermore, you can purchase the best brawl star characters and their costumes with Gems or Star credits. You can unlock them with the Brawl pass, which changes the look, motions, and sound effects.

best brawl star character

How to Choose Best Brawl Star Characters

Brawl Stars currently has 56 total Brawl characters. If you are a beginner in Brawl Stars, then it is imperative that you should know the strengths and weaknesses of all the Brawlers in the game.

We have divided them into categories according to their unlocking difficulty and powers. It will narrow your options and quickly find the exemplary best brawl star characters. This classification is based on the following characteristics:

Best Brawl Star Characters Table

Type Best Brawler
Best Trophy RoadStu
Best Super Rare Rico
Best EpicPam
Best MythicByron
Best RarePoco
Best LegendaryMeg
Best ChromaticLola

Rest you can check the Brawl stars tier list to choose your favorite brawler to compete with the enemy according to their powers.

Oldest Character In Brawl Star

There is nothing to clarify regarding the ages of robot boxers like Barley and Carl. Here we have listed some brawler ages from oldest to youngest characters.


Gene is the oldest Brawler; Age ranges from 5000 to 14000 years. According to research, Gene might have an infinite lifespan. Wouldn’t it be fun to discover things about him?


The legend character, Tara, believes that Tara is either an animal or a demon.

On the other hand, there are various opinions on Rico’s age. Some people believe Colt’s age was exaggerated since it is pretty tricky to figure out how old he is. Many think that Colette was initially built by Edgar, who magically altered his appearance, making him look more human-like.

Best Player in Brawl Star

Tensai reached the $100,000 mark on November 28, 2021, by winning $100,000.00 and placing 1st in the Brawl Stars World Finals. He got this point by winning prize money in two tournaments Tensai currently ranks #1691 for highest overall earnings and #28 for highest earnings from players from Japan.

Best Brawl stars Characters Writer’s Choice.

  1. Ash: ➢ Ash has an extensive health pool, but his damage output, mobility, and attack range are inconsistent
  2. Griff: ➢ Griff is in good health and has a strong potential for damage. He launches three cone-shaped waves of three coins to deal with the injury.
  3. Darryl: ➢ Darryl can utilize a two-shotgun attack. The wild role he does in his bouncing barrel is his Super Move.

How do you unlock the best brawl star characters?

We will give you the information you need to unlock the best brawl star characters. All players who play the game receive the Shelly brawler. The Shelly brawler is the only unlockable item.
You can unlock new characters through Brawl Stars in several ways. The first is by gaining trophies online. You can get the other Brawlers by opening large, standard, or big boxes. A fixed (essential) percentage will appear when a box has been opened.

You can download the modified version of brawl stars from this website that offers you to choose any character without any virtual currencies.

How to download Brawl Stars iOS

Brawl Stars is one of many addictive iOS games developed by Supercell. It is incomparable with any other iOS game. Brawl Stars, which is very different from other supercell games, has been enjoyed by many people using their iOS devices.

Here we enlisted the simple steps to follow for downloading Brawl Stars iOS to find your best brawl stars characters.

❖ You will need to downloadpanda helper,” a third-party application. You can only download it from this official website. There is a free and a paid version that you can both download. I recommend downloading the free version.

❖ The official website of panda helper has a blue “Download” button. Tap on it to start downloading panda helper.

❖ It is impossible to open the downloaded app by clicking on it. It is because it is third-party. It will help if you trust the app developer before opening it. To do this, go to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management and click on “Trust …” to “Trust” your app developer.

❖ You will now be able to open Panda helper from your iPhone’s home screen.

❖ You can search Brawl Stars using the app’s search bar.

❖ To download brawl stars, tap on the “Download” button.


Any app downloaded from the Panda Helper will start downloading within the app. Once it is completely downloaded, it will install on your iOS device. These are the steps to use the Brawl Stars on iOS 13 and iOS 12.


We hope you enjoyed this list of Best Brawl Star characters. Whether you are an expert or beginner, we tried to include the best feelings in the first few levels. This post will expand quickly, considering how often the game is updated in terms of content. We will keep our eyes open for the best Brawl Stars characters as soon as they are released!

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