Brawl Stars Tier List 2022 – Best Characters from top to down

Searching for your best brawl character in the brawl stars tier list?

Trying to find the best stars to defeat the enemy?

Making a list of game characters is challenging because all the brawlers perform excellently in one way or may not be suitable in others. But we have tried categorizing them; below is the best Brawl Stars tier list.

brawl stars tier list

Brawl Star Tier List

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Ultimate Brawl Stars Tier List

This Brawl Stars Tier List is divided into Six sections. Each area will have different characters depending on its effectiveness, usefulness, and competitive performance. The best characters in the SS-Tier category are the most desirable; avoid the D-tier characters. Lets have a look on Brawl stars star power tier list.

SS-Tier/best brawler for a showdown

This tier has the best Brawlers for solo showdowns. They have the best stats and the most serious damage. These Brawlers have the best damage, escape abilities, and endurance, allowing them to be the most successful in a fight.

CrowToxic AssassinLegendary10
LeoneStealth AssassinLegendary10
ss tier list


The S-tier Brawlers are helpful in any situation. They possess the most powerful abilities and gadgets in Brawl Stars. These brawl stars tier list’s Brawlers are easy to learn and get even for new players.

MegDamage DealerLegendary9
Colonel RuffsSupportiveChromatic9
AshHeavy WeightChromatic9
BrockSharp ShooterTrophy Road9
MortisDashing AssassinMythic9
BelleSharp ShooterChromatic9
s tier list


Brawlers of the A-tier possess dynamic abilities that make them very effective. They can be very effective in certain conditions, but they may struggle in others. These Brawl stars tier list’s characters can be challenging to use, especially for younger players.

JessieFighterTrophy Road8.5
RicoSharp ShooterSuper Rare8.5
BoFighterTrophy Road8.5
TickThrowerTrophy Road8.5
EmzFighterTrophy Road8.5
PiperSharp ShooterEpic8.5
BibiSharp ShooterEpic8.5
Mr. PSharp ShooterMythic8.5
SpikeSharp ShooterLegendary8.5
AmberFire BreatherLegendary8.5
StuAction AssassinTrophy Road8.5
LolaDamage DealerChromatic8.5
a tier list


Although these Brawlers can perform well, they aren’t the best in the game. Your team and the situation will determine their abilities. They are also tricky to learn, making it almost impossible for new players to win the battle.

ColtSharp ShooterTrophy Road8
DynamikeThrowerTrophy Road8
El PrimoHeavy WeightRare8
8-bitSharp ShooterTrophy Road8
Sharp ShooterSharp ShooterEpic8
b tier list


C-Tier Brawlers don’t seem to be very good in competitive play. These characters are okay for casual play. However, there are many better choices. Their abilities aren’t the best in all situations.

ShellyFighterStarting Brawler7.5
NitaFighterTrophy Road7.5
RosaHeavy WeightRare7.5
CarlFighterSuper Rare7.5
FrankHeavy WeightEpic7.5
BullHeavy WeightTrophy Road7.5
c tier list


These Brawlers currently rank among the worst. They should not choose, even if they get a few buffs. It is best to ignore them, even if you play with friends or casually.

JackyHeavy WeightSuper Rare7
DarrylHeavy WeightSuper Rare7
d tier list

Overview of Criteria of Brawl Stars Tier List

Team & Solo Matches

Some characters are good enough to play in team fighting, and they also can perform alone. They usually perform well in brawl events because they are more potent than others and have loaded with all weapons, so we have listed them in the ranked player’s list.

Powers and Gadgets Compatibility

Star Powers and gears will make your Brawlers more powerful to defeat the enemy. Therefore, always pick up a brawler who has more Star points. So we have placed them on the top of the list, so it would be wise to try some combinations simultaneously.

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Brawl star’s tier list is mainly based on their performance. Brawlers that can do more than one task are ranked higher. This includes Brawlers who have been good at fighting with potent weapons. But others can have good skins and gadgets, so every character has his own pros and cons. For your convenience, we listed them above to choose according to your battle and win a championship.

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This was all about the brawl stars tier list. Through this blog, we have provided you the basic information about all the top-tier, mid-tier, low-tier, and new characters of the famous game Brawl Stars. You will have to think through the characters before using this list because many factors affect a character’s effectiveness.

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