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File NameAtrasis CoC Private Server
VersionLatest 14.635.9
Requires4.3 and Up
Size258 MB
Last UpdateToday

Do you love playing Clash of Clans but get frustrated with the limited resources? Well, there’s good news! The Atrasis COC server is designed to give you everything you need to build the ultimate base without spending hours grinding for resources. And best of all, this server is always up and running, so you can play whenever you want.

Furthermore, the server has a no-lag feature that ensures a smooth gaming experience. So what are you waiting for? Check out the Atrasis server today and start enjoying Clash of Clans like never before!

What is Atrasis Ultimate COC?

Atrasis is a clash of clans private server that provides unlimited resources for the game. This means you can have as many gems, troops, and resources as you want without spending any money. The server is also constantly updated with the latest content from the game, so you’ll always be able to stay up-to-date with the latest developments.

Atrasis offers a wide range of customizations and settings that allow you to tailor the game to your preferences. Whether you’re looking for a challenge or want to relax and have fun, Atrasis is the perfect server for you.

Atrasis COC Features

Atrasis COC has the following features.

Unlimited gems and Resources

Through Atrasis private server for Clash of Clan, you can enjoy unlimited gems and resources.

With Atrasis, you can build the village of your dreams without worrying about resource limits.
You can also join clans and participate in clan wars, making Atrasis the perfect way to enjoy all the features of CoC without paying a single dime so if you’re looking for a way to get legendary cards and have fun with Clash of Clans, download Atrasis today.

A Great Gaming Experience with Challenges

Atrasis server is designed for gaming, providing players with a great CoC experience. The servers are lag-free and offer a great gaming environment with low pings because their servers are equipped with the latest hardware and software.

Complete Server with Clan Wars Leagues

Atrasis COC offers a wide variety of features that allow players to enjoy the game to its fullest potential. These features include everything from attacking clans to clan wars. As a result, Atrasis CoC Servers offer you everything that anyone wants to experience in Clash of Clans lacks

Helpful Community

The Atrasis community is one of the most supportive and friendly out there. Whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned player, you’ll always find someone willing to help you with any questions or concerns. Additionally, the Atrasis servers provide plenty of customization options to make the game your own. So come go and join, and see what all the hype is about.


There is no exact way to know whether any given private server is entirely safe. Because some private servers can potentially contain viruses or other malware. Always download from reputable and well-established websites that have been around for years without significant issues.

Special Atrasis COC Commands

CoC Servers provide a wide range of commands to customize your game experience. You can attack enemy villages, generate new villages, unlock all skins, and upgrade your buildings. And all of these commands are available through the server console.

Moreover, Atrasis Servers also provide a wide range of customization options for your village. And you can choose the size, shape, and location of your village. It also allows customizing the appearance of your village by choosing from a variety of skins. These options make Atrasis CoC Servers the perfect place to play Clash of Clans.

clash private server atrasis

Atrasis Ultimate Multiple Servers

At Atrasis, they provide multiple servers for players to choose from, including a Faithful server and an Ultimate server. The devoted server provides the ultimate vanilla experience, with no mods or extra features. This makes it the perfect server for those who want to enjoy the game in its purest form.

And their ultimate server, on the other hand, is designed for those who need more resources. This server includes a variety of mods and custom content, all of which are designed to enhance the gameplay experience. So, whether you’re looking for a pure vanilla experience or something a little more, Atrasis has the perfect server.

Modded BH Troops and Buildings in Main Village

Atrasis is all about giving you the best possible gaming experience. Thye offers modded troops and buildings to give you an edge over opponents. And their troops are more robust, faster, and more resilient than vanilla troops, and facilities are more durable and efficient.
Furthermore, Atrasis also offer a wide range of customization options to tailor your game to your preferences.

Download Original Atrasis COC Private Server

The platform has many free features, but the premium collection is an even bigger hit.
Players will design and explore different maps in the game with other gadgets. This game’s users and servers are increasing daily because of the exclusive video gaming experience. The primary purpose of the player is to get star powers, coins, and free resources.

This game has no official or legal relationship with other app stores. You have to download it from the above button on this site. Many third parties are offering this game but always download it from trusted resources to get Atrasis original base link.


There is no exact way to know whether any given private server is entirely safe. Because some private servers often make use of modded game files, which can potentially contain viruses or other malware. But always download it from trusted sites that won’t harm your device.

It’s not a big deal. You need to download and install the file as you install any application on your android. In a nutshell, you need not worry. Download and enjoy unlimited resources of the game by Atrasis APK.

There is no direct way to install the mod on a PC. You must install an Android emulator to play the apk on a PC. After installation, you can drag the file and leave it in the emulator. The game is ready to play now.

This APK has unlimited gold and other resources. You need not worry about it. It unlocks all arenas automatically. You can go to any arena of your choice. You are free to explore APK!

You can get unlimited gems on Clash of Clans with the Atrasis CoC server because this server is explicitly designed for Clash of Clans and promises to give you unlimited gems.

Final Words

Let’s Journey up in Atrasis APK while retaining almost all the originality of Clash of Clans. Enjoy new features now by downloading it. You do not need to spend your money to use these features. You can use it online and offline. You can get free Gems and Coins. And you will be in awe, and wow. Or, click the Write button and compose something new.

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