Clash of Magic APK 2022 Free Download for Android

To get the resources of gold, gems, and elixir, players can download the newest clash of magic private server. It’ll offer a massive amount of assets because on our private server, there’s an excellent opportunity for the user to claim all resources. One of the prominent factors of this server is it’s more reliable and easier to use than the other COCservers like Clash of Souls and Clash of Royale.

In the clash of clans, in-game purchasing is a frustrating method, and you can’t get access to the game. In that way, you have to face the blocking issues. But now, developers in clash of magic added a more attractive option; with this option, the player can get legit money and promote all the boosting factors in the game.

Additional Information

File NameClash of Magic apk
VersionLatest 14.635
Requires4.3 and Up
Size136 MB
DeveloperClash Mod Server
Last UpdateToday
Official LinkGoogle Play

Download Clash of Magic

The platform has many free features, but the premium collection is an even bigger hit.
This game’s users and servers are increasing daily because of the exclusive video gaming experience. The primary purpose of the player is to get star powers, coins, and free resources.

This game has no official or legal relationship with other app stores. You have to download it from the above button on this site. Many third parties are offering this game but always download from trusted resources.

What is Clash of Magic

The Clash of Magic is an epic and adventurous game. The players are wizards who can cast spells, summon creatures, and use artefacts to defeat their opponents. This one of these games has its private server network with 4 categories. These four servers are available with a mod or without a mod; moreover, with these servers, you can amuse yourself with high-speed hosting. The high-speed hosting provides you best experience without lags.

Clash of Magic is a custom server of the Official COC game, developed by third-party developers in 2015. It includes more features than the original game. In addition to this mod, many other custom servers also have cool features. To learn more about it, download the latest version of Clash of Magic APK and read all the information below.

clash of magic

Clash of Magic Features

  • Updated and fast Server.
  • Players can download legal files, but files aren’t protected
  • You can get easy access to paid loot or objects by using the game store
  • 3D graphics with better sound quality
  • Skins and champs also added in player’s specifications with a single click
  • Community updates are available

Mod Features of Clash of Magic

  • Inside the mod file, playing resources are free.
  • Players can get all premium items without any cost
  • Free Battle points
  • Added smooth controls
  • Packs of lots of gadgets
  • No registration
  • Improved performance
  • No subscription.
  • Anti banning
  • Improvement in UI of the game
  • No ads are exhibited.
  • A mode version has unlimited gems, Golden coins.

Here are the detailed customizable features of this fantastic game. Let’s deep dive into the game features.

Infinite Gold

Currency is the main element in clash of Clans. With gold’s help, players can construct the tower, train their army, and modify the village structure. You can upgrade the defence system with gold and money, but on the other side, in the clash of magic, everything can be preceded quickly without interruption. Infinity is the focused feature in this game; with infinite gold, you can build houses, villages, and a large crew army. Players can collect the 10,000,000,000 unlimited gold in their accounts.

Infinite Gems

Gems are used in the game to boost speed. With the clash of magic, players can download the APK download of this game and boost up the pace for the latest and quick construction of buildings, spell creations, set the crew of army and lots many other things. Meanwhile, the COC player can’t take the generation of gems contrasting the elixir and gold.

To get this service, you can purchase it from the game store. But if you’re not interested in spending money on it, you can download clash of magic APK for Android. These gems provide the facility to boost the development procedure and attack.

No In-Game Purchases

Clash of magic Apk facilitates you with unlimited resources and immediate implementation of resources. In this game version, developers made it easier for the players; they removed the in-game purchase and provided unlimited resources legitimately.

Fast Private Server

In previous servers, a clash of clans offers various advantages over any other original public service. Still, with the S1 clash of magic, all the original server features, and upgraded additional features are added. It’ll deliver the best playing experience; you’ll play as a single or multiplayer

Multiplayer Battle Zone

There are two ways to play the game:

  • In multiplayer mode, players face each other in a duel where they can cast spells on each other.
  • In the single-player mode, players must defeat all enemies alone.

In both modes, players can use different strategies like attacking with creatures or casting spells that deal damage over time. But for the best experience, you would take care of the high-speed internet.

1V1 Battle

This private server offers the multiplayer battle; it’s the primary factor of the game. Using this server, players can beat opponents quickly and access them.1v1 war is one of these opportunities that allow the player to raid the opponent’s villages and attack them or take all the unlimited resources with loot. This server offers the player these facilities such as:

  • Accessibility
  • Best performance
  • Unbeatable approach
  • Multiplayers battle

Clash of Magic Server’s List

COC private server of this game compromises the latest servers such as S1, S2, S3, and S4. These latest servers provide practical ways for the player while playing and want a modified variation in the game. Here, we explain some of them stay with us.

Clash of Magic S1

Clash of Magic S2

  • It is not modded
  • It offers unlimited resources
  • Various types of commands
  • New Version
  • Normal Building Cost
  • Fast and updated server

Clash of Magic S3

  • It is modded
  • It offers unlimited resources
  • Various types of commands
  • New Version
  • Normal Building Cost
  • Fast and lightweight server

Clash of Magic S4

  • It is comprehensively more modded
  • It provides the best UI or UX experience
  • It offers unlimited resources
  • Various types of commands
  • New Version
  • Normal Building Cost
  • Fast and Ultra Light server


Clash of magic mod apk is well developed COC private server. The clash of clans mod is also verified as a fully optimized game with many game commands and authorities developed by its developers. Furthermore, if you want to find COC with a rooted android device, it’ll never provide you with these things. But in the clash of magic, you receive an updated IOS version that offers the best quality and works without jailbreak. Four servers will help you out as a private server.

How to install Clash of Magic on iOS

This private server is also compatible with iOS. You can install it either by IPA, IP or DNS. Let’s have a look at these methods that work for you best.


  1. To download the IPA file of CoM, you’ll need to connect to one of the provided servers.
  2. Once you’re connected, simply install the modded IPA version onto your device.
  3. This will allow you to connect to the server without jailbreaking your device.


  1. IP method can help improve your chances of success if you have a jailbroken device since you need to be able to access the host’s game files. These files are system files that can’t be accessed without jailbreaking your device.
  2. Did you know that you can play on the server without being connected to a Wi-Fi network, as long as you have Internet access? You can also use mobile data.
  3. This will not allow you to connect to the server without jailbreaking your device.


  1. The DNS method for gaming only works if you have a solid and stable Wi-Fi connection; it won’t work if you’re using your phone’s data plan.
  2. This method does not require jailbreaking your device.


Clash of magic Apk for android delivers to the player upgraded resources, unusual goblin stages, infinite and latest updates, or Air sweeper. With the 1v1 battle mode, players enjoy the best experience while playing with its private server. Hopefully, you will download it and enjoy the clash of magic.

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